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Images by Mind Map: Images

1. Vector Drawing -Vector-drawn graphics -Vector-drawn images are used in the following areas:         -Graphic artists designing for the print media

2. Vector-drawn images -How vector-drawn images work        -A vector is a line that is described by the location of its two endpoints.

3. Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps -Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps       -Vector objects are easily scalable without loss of resolution or image quality.       -Bitmaps are not easily scalable and resizable.

4. 3-D drawing -3-D animation, drawing, and rendering tools include:        -Daz3D        -Form*Z -Features of a 3-D application

5. Rendering -Use of intricate algorithms to apply user-specified effects -Takes many hours for a single image

6. Colors and Palettes in Multimedia -Understanding natural light and color        1)Additive color        2)Subtractive color        3)Color models -Color palettes -Dithering

7. Image File Types Used  in Multimedia -Macintosh formats -Windows formats -Cross-platform formats - Image File Compression

8. Before You Start to Create -Before commencing the creation of images in multimedia, you should:      1)Plan your approach      2)Organize the available tools      3)Configure computer workspace

9. Making Still Images -Still images may be the most important element of a multimedia project. -Still images may be small or large, or even full screen. They may be colored, placed at random on the screen, evenly geometric, or oddly shaped. -Still images are generated in two ways:       1)Bitmaps (raster)       2)Vector-drawn graphics -Bitmaps editors are called painting program, vector editors are called drawing program. -Bitmaps -Bitmaps are an image format suited for creation of:         1)Photo-realistic images         2)Complex drawings requiring fine detail -Capturing and editing images -Image editing programs enable the user to:        -Enhance and make composite images        -Alter and distort images        -Add and delete elements -Users can scan images from conventional sources and make necessary alterations and manipulations.

10. Bitmap Sources -Where do bitmaps come from?       -Capture a bitmap using a camera. -Legal rights protecting use of images from clip art galleries fall into three basic groupings:        -Royalty-free images are purchased and then used without paying addition license fees

11. Bitmap Software -The industry-standard programs for bitmap painting and editing are:      1)Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator      2)Corel’s Painter and CorelDraw