Lesson 1       Introduction to Coding

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Lesson 1       Introduction to Coding by Mind Map: Lesson 1       Introduction to Coding

1. Topic/Theme

1.1. Introduction to coding

2. Year 3

2.1. Digital Technoligies

2.1.1. Processes and Production Skills Content Descriptors Digital Implementation Designing

3. General Capabilities

3.1. Literacy

3.2. Numeracy

3.3. ICT

3.4. Critical and Creative Thinking

4. Cross- Curriculum

4.1. Technology

4.2. Mathematics

5. Focus Questions

5.1. Introduction

5.1.1. 1. What is coding? 2. Can you think of any examples of coding in your everyday life? 3. Why do you think coding is important?

5.2. Conclusion

5.2.1. 4. Turn to someone you did not work with and explain to them the different steps you used and what you found difficult/easy about this task. 5. How could you use Bee Bots in your own life?

6. Learning Materials

6.1. Resources

6.1.1. • Interactive whiteboard • YouTube Video (internet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THOEQ5soVpY • Bee Bots (10 ) • Masking Tape (1 per grou x 10) • Classroom objects (Blocks, Glue, erasers etc.).

7. Lesson Overview

7.1. Introduction

7.1.1. Coding will be introduced to students via a Youtube video and class discussion. Subject-specific vocabulary will be introduced and explained to students.

7.2. Body

7.2.1. Students will create a 3 x 3 grid on the mat. Their aim is to create a start and finish line and program their Bee Bot to reach the line. In order to extend students, they can place classroom objects in the squares and manoeuvre their Bee Boot to reach the finish line. They need to be aware of which algorithms to use to identify the shortest route.

7.3. Conclusion

7.3.1. Students have the opportunity to reflect on their learning. Particular focus will be on the vocabulary they have learnt and identifying the challenges they had to face and strategies they used to solve the issues. In the next lesson students will reflect on their learning by creating a mindmap in Kidspiration.

8. Step-by-step Instruction

8.1. Introduction: (15 Minutes)

8.1.1. • Introduce topic to students (coding) through a class discussion- ask students if they are aware of what coding is. • Explain subject-specific vocabulary (algorithm, step, program, branching) to students and write terms on the interactive whiteboard. • Play YouTube video “Coding for Kids”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THOEQ5soVpY • Discuss the video (think, pair, share). Use focus questions to generate a discussion (questions 1-3).

8.2. Body: (35 Minutes)

8.2.1. • Discuss activity with students and overall safety when using iPads. • Activity: Students create a 3 x 3 grid on the classroom mat. They will need to work out the measurements for each square. In groups of three students will use a grid and mark a start and finish line. Their aim is to program their bee bot using simple commands (forward, right and left) in order to reach the finish line. • Extension Activity: Students can place classroom objects in the grid and use the buttons to manoeuvre their bee-bot around to reach the finish line. • Once the allocated time is up, ask students to pack away the equipment and sit on the mat.

8.3. Conclusion: (5 Minutes)

8.3.1. • Re-cap lesson with students (think, pair, share). -What did you learn in this lesson? -What challenges did you have to face? -How did you solve these problems? • Transition: Get students ready for Science.