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Management of Data Resources by Mind Map: Management of Data
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Management of Data Resources


Modeling Data in the Organization

ERD model

Modeling the rules of the organization


Data is the New Corporate Resources

Basic concept and definition

Data in today's information system environment, data for competitive advantage, problem in storing and accessing data

Database Management System (DBMS)

Data before database management

Database concept

DBMS approach


Relational Database Model


Data retrieval from relational database

relational structures for unary and ternary relationaship

Referential integrity

Physical Database Design and Performance

File organization and access methods

Input to physical database design

Physical database design technique

Logical Database Design

Converting ERD into relational tables

Data normalization process

Testing table converted from ERD with data normalization


The Data Warehouse

The concept

Types of data warehouse

Designing of data warehouse

Building the data warehouse

Using data warehouse

Administering a data warehouse

Challenging in data warehousing

Relational Data Retrieval with SQL

Data retrieval with SQL

History and importance of SQL

SQL commands


Client/Server Database and Distributed Database

Client server database

distributed database

Data Administration, Database Administration and Data Dictionaries



Data dictionaries