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Pharmacology by Mind Map: Pharmacology

1. Beta Agonist

1.1. Catacholamine based

1.1.1. Epinephrine

1.1.2. Isoproterenol

1.2. Non-catacholamine based

1.2.1. Non-selective Metproteronal

1.2.2. Selective (based on Beta) SABA Albuterol Terbutaline LABA Formoterol Salmoterol Very Long Acting Vilanterol (Breo [combined Vilanterol and ICS] MOA and PK Structure Exosite Hypothesis Dosing - Formoterol (6-12 mcg)> Salmeterol (25-50 mcg)> Albuterol (100mcg) Onset of Action Based on hydrophilic vs. hydrophobic Non-bronchodilator effect Adverse Effect 1 2 Beta 2 polymorpshim

2. Anti-cholnergic

2.1. MOA

2.1.1. Paraympethatic Bronchoconstriction Mucus secretion Vasodilation

2.1.2. Inhibiting Acetylcholine

2.2. Muscrinic Receptor

2.2.1. M3 Bronchoconstriction

2.2.2. M2 It is the majority of airway receptor Excitatory type located in smooth muscule Bronchoconstriction Inhbitory type Prevent further release of ACH in the nerve junction.

2.3. Medications

2.3.1. Atropin We don't use due to side effect and crossing blood brain barrier

2.3.2. Atropin-dervitiave Ipratropium Bromide Tiotropium These are quaternary Atropin derivative that has poor systemic absorption from resp and GI---> decrease side effec

2.4. Asthma