What can I do with a Life Sciences degree at Imperial College London?  produced by Jane Pooler wi...

A mindmap of some of the careers options with a degree in life sciences. Many of these options require further professional learning and development, either via postgrad study or research or specific professional qualification (which might be gained on the job or through further study).

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What can I do with a Life Sciences degree at Imperial College London?  produced by Jane Pooler with support from Steve Connolly.    Note!  Click on '+' buttons to expand the mindmap! by Mind Map: What can I do with a Life Sciences degree at Imperial College London?  produced by Jane Pooler with support from Steve Connolly.    Note!  Click on '+' buttons to expand the mindmap!

1. Options directly related to my degree that often require postgrad study / research and involve keeping up to date with latest developments in science.

1.1. R & D in a lab / bench scientist

1.1.1. biochemist

1.1.2. biotechnologist

1.1.3. cell biologist

1.1.4. immunologist

1.1.5. microbiologist

1.1.6. molecular biologist

1.1.7. virologist

1.2. outside of the lab, in the field

1.2.1. conservation scientist

1.2.2. ecologist

1.2.3. environmental scientist

1.3. at a computer

1.3.1. computational biologist

1.3.2. bioinformatician

1.3.3. data scientist (life science sector)

1.3.4. epidemiologist

1.3.5. biostatistician

1.4. is postgrad study / research your next step?

1.4.1. biochemistry / biotech grads went on to these postgrad courses in 2015

1.4.2. biology grads went on to these postgrad courses in 2015

2. Options in new areas altogether using transferable skills gained on the degree, and acquiring new knowledge  and expertise, possibly via a professional qualification, gained on a course and / or in the job itself.

2.1. finance / banking / commercial

2.1.1. accountancy / audit / assurance

2.1.2. management consultant

2.1.3. investment banking sales / trading quantitative analyst operations / compliance / regulatory asset management

2.1.4. other business commercial

2.2. law

2.2.1. solicitor commercial / corporate private practice / high street in-house / in industry government (GLS)  and local government CPS Crown Prosecution Service charities / NFP

2.2.2. barrister private practice government government (GLS) in house / industry / business charities  NFP

2.2.3. paralegal / legal executive private practice / high street in house / commerce / business

2.3. teaching (new subjects)

2.3.1. primary school

2.3.2. new subject eg PSHE / Citizenship

2.3.3. teaching adults / older learners eg in FE colleges

2.4. youth / community / social worker

2.4.1. youth / community workder

2.4.2. social worker youth justice worker medical / hospital / healthcare social worker

2.4.3. careers adviser working with young people in school / FE sector / national careers service working in universities working with adults / career changers eg national careers service; WEA training and development consultant in house traing and development manager freelance trainer

2.5. HR / development of 'human capital'

2.5.1. HR Officer / Manager (CIPD qualified or working towards this)

2.5.2. Training / Development In-house Staff Development Freelance trainer / training consultant

2.5.3. Disability / Equal Opportunities Adviser

2.5.4. trade union official

2.6. operations and suply chain in large industries / businesses

2.6.1. operations maanger

2.6.2. logistics / distribution manager

2.6.3. purchasing and supply chain management

2.7. marketing / PR / Communications

2.7.1. market research

2.7.2. digital marketing SEO content marketeer

2.7.3. PR officer / manager / consultant

2.8. public sector administration / management

2.8.1. Civisl Service Fast Stream

2.8.2. Civil Service direct entry / executive officer

2.8.3. local government administrator

2.9. charity / NFP careers

2.9.1. charity administrator / manager

2.9.2. campaigner / lobbyist / fundraiser

2.9.3. policy officer

2.9.4. communications / marketing

2.10. how can I compare approximate starting salaries for graduates across different sectors?

3. Options that build on my degree, overlaying it with new professional expertise;  may entail gaining professional qualification (perhaps whilst working or through further study) and may require related  work experience for entry and progression.

3.1. science communication

3.1.1. science media presenter researcher producer researcher / journalist science writer

3.1.2. publishing (scientific content) commissioning editor editorial assistant print production planner magazine journalist

3.2. policy (science related)

3.2.1. Advising MPs eg POST

3.2.2. charities / NFPs e.g. medical charities

3.2.3. scientist in government or government agency

3.2.4. science policy jobs

3.3. teacher (of science)

3.3.1. FE College

3.3.2. secondary schools (State and private)

3.3.3. education curriculum advice (after experience)

3.3.4. management e.g. Headteacher (after experience)

3.3.5. HMI inspector of schools (after experience)

3.4. patent attorney

3.5. health / NHS professionals

3.5.1. NHS scientist

3.5.2. medical doctor specialisms include orthopaedics, paediatrics, psychiatry, general practice amongst many others

3.5.3. dentist

3.5.4. other allied medical professions physiotherapist speech therapist nursing dietician / nutritionish

3.6. veterinary surgeon

3.7. pharma professionals (not R&D / at the bench)

3.7.1. regulatory affairs

3.7.2. clinical trials management

3.7.3. finance (life sciences sector)

3.7.4. consultancy (life sciences sector)

3.8. technology transfer

3.8.1. venture capitalists / angel investors (commercialisation of R&D)

3.8.2. knowledge transfer partnership

3.8.3. tech transfer associate (university / businesses)

3.9. government

3.9.1. statistician eg working for GSS or ONS

3.9.2. Civil Service Fast Stream Science & Engineering

3.10. environmental management

3.10.1. environmental consultant

3.10.2. ecological consultant

3.10.3. chartered environmental / water manager

3.10.4. sustainability consultant

3.11. further examples and useful weblinks