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1. Extintion species

1.1. Desforestation

1.1.1. Waste of habitat Species are easy to hunt Dissapearance the species

2. Air pollution

2.1. CO2

2.1.1. Damage health Decrease ozono layer Greenhouse effect

3. Destruction earth's atmosphere

3.1. Toxics winds

3.1.1. Decrease ozono layer Radiation ultraviolet Damege health

4. Water pollution

4.1. The water dirty arrive in a lot of rivers clean

4.1.1. Each time more the water is reduced for the  human consume

4.1.2. The dirty water kills the live in the water

5. Soil pollution

5.1. It leads for cast trash in the soil

5.1.1. The trash arrive where are rivers ,and they contamined this The trash in the streets leads inundations The water that the trash contamine does not drink

6. Thaw

6.1. Increase the nivel of sea

6.1.1. Reduce the habitat fot the species Decrease the food If the species do not have habitat,they are more easy to hunt

7. Defrost poles

7.1. Decrease ozono layer

7.1.1. Build up the temperature in the earth Reduce bed ice Reduce the habitat,and species dies

8. Thermal pollution

8.1. Burn fuel fossil

8.1.1. Pollution air Damage health Sickness