Italian Mafia

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Italian Mafia by Mind Map: Italian Mafia

1. Things I know

1.1. Ométra: A code or law that those within the Mafia can NOT tell anyone secrets from the Mafia, also can't tell Family secrets.

1.2. La Cosa Nostra: Means Italian mafia. In America it just means Italian Mafia, but in Italy it means the  Sicilian Mafia.

2. People

2.1. Who is the head Family of the Italian Mafia?

2.2. What problems does the Italian mafia create?

2.3. What/who influenced the Italian Mafia?

3. History

3.1. What is the Italian Mafia today?

3.1.1. Media

3.2. How did the Italian Mafia start?

3.2.1. What is it origin?

3.3. Why was the Italian mafia created?