Human Anatomy

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Human Anatomy by Mind Map: Human Anatomy

1. Disease's

1.1. AIDS

1.1.1. Is there any cures for theses?

1.2. Influenza

1.2.1. What are symptoms that occur?

1.3. Smallpox

1.3.1. Treatment?

1.4. Malaria

1.4.1. Who to call for help?

2. Cancer's

2.1. Leukemia

2.1.1. 4 different types

2.2. Skin

2.2.1. Most common cancer

2.3. Lung

2.3.1. Smoking is the leading cause

2.4. Breast

3. Leukemia

3.1. What treatment is out there for people with leukemia?

3.2. Who can people call and talk to about leukemia

3.2.1. Is there a specific person you need to contact?

3.3. Symptoms of leukemia

3.4. Is there a cure for it?

4. Heart Disease

4.1. Leading cause of death of any disease.

4.2. Disease of the heart.

4.3. What causes heart disease?

4.4. Is there a cure and what treatments are there?


5.1. 3rd leading cause of death in the USA

5.2. Why is COPD a leading cause of death.

5.3. Symptoms?

5.4. Treatment?

5.5. Why is Kentucky the state with the most cases of  COPD