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Books by Mind Map: Books

1. Who reads them?

1.1. What age most enjoys reading?

1.1.1. Are people reading the right level books at the right age?

1.2. Do adults, teens, or kids read more?

1.3. Do authors read more or write more?

2. Why don't people like to read?

2.1. Is it boring?

2.1.1. Choose a different genre maybe.

2.2. Is it not interesting enough?

2.2.1. Some people only like certain genres in books.

2.3. Is it too hard? Not understand?

2.4. Some people are too busy to read, but would like to

3. What genre is most popular?

3.1. Horror

3.1.1. Author best in this genre? Why?

3.2. Comedy

3.2.1. Author best in this genre? Why?

3.3. Romance

3.3.1. Author best in this genre? Why?

4. Why do people like to read?

4.1. Novels, short stories, etc?

4.1.1. Why do you like that type of book?

4.2. Most popular genre?

4.2.1. Second most popular?

4.3. Are they bored, so they read?

4.4. Do people read to become smarter?

4.4.1. Does it make you smarter?

5. Authors

5.1. Do authors re-read their books?

5.2. How long do very popular authors take to write their books if people really want them now to read?

5.3. Do authors like killing off an important/loved character?

5.3.1. Does it make them upset like it does to their readers?

5.4. Would you rather the end be a mystery or have the end answer all the questions?

6. What does reading/not reading do to kids development in school/life?

6.1. Does it make them focus more/less?

6.2. Are they considered 'smarter' like some people say it does?

6.3. When is the best age kids should read?

6.4. Does reading higher level books effect them more compared to their age-level?

7. Would people rather read online or on real books?

7.1. Why?

7.2. Is one easier than the other?

7.3. Is it too much trouble to go to the library?

7.4. Do you buy books offline for home or just read them online?

7.5. Most libraries are not used as much because they are online now.