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SLEEP by Mind Map: SLEEP

1. unconcious

1.1. How are you able to still breathe and dream without thinking about it?

1.1.1. your organs still function

1.2. unable to remember sometimes

2. different type of sleepers

2.1. does your personality depend on how you sleep

2.1.1. depressed people have a calm sleep?

2.2. does the position you fall asleep in have an affect

2.2.1. laying

2.2.2. sitting

3. Sleeping Medicine

3.1. Which brand works the most?

3.2. Why can't some people sleep?

3.3. Even though your tired, how does your thoughts keep you from falling asleep?

4. good for you

4.1. does it really put your body at rest

4.1.1. muscle memory sports able to perform the activity over and over again

4.1.2. relaxation unable to move calming and peaceful calming and peaceful how is your body at peace when you are sleep talking or walking

4.2. Does the amount of sleep affect your body the next day?

4.2.1. allnighters

4.2.2. healthy 6-8 hours of sleep

5. dreams

5.1. What is are the biggest factors on how and why we dream?

5.1.1. nightmares

5.1.2. good dreams

5.1.3. do some people dream more nightmares than others

5.1.4. does medicine affect dreams

5.2. do actions of the day affect your dreams

5.2.1. what you eat

5.2.2. what you do that day

5.2.3. how long you slept the night before

5.3. how can you not remember your dreams

5.3.1. do you have multiple

6. talking and walking

6.1. How is your body able to work psychically with being unconscious?

6.1.1. violence

6.1.2. conversations

6.1.3. Has there been some recorded scary sleep workers?

6.1.4. Can you being diagnosed?