birth defects in children

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birth defects in children by Mind Map: birth defects in children

1. types

1.1. spina bifida: developing baby's spinal cord isn't developed properly

1.1.1. down syndrome: genetic chromosome 21 disorder causes physical and intellectual delays congenital heart disease: any abnormality in the heart that develops in the uterus cerebal palsy: congenital disorder of movement, muscle or posture

2. what causes it?

2.1. genetics

2.1.1. missing or flawed genes nongentic (while pregnant) smoking illegal drugs drinking environemental hazards

3. how can you prevent it?

3.1. can't be prevented

3.1.1. folic acid and prenatal vitamins

3.1.2. avoid alcohol and drugs during pregnancy

3.1.3. maintain healthy weight during pregnancy

3.1.4. prenatal appointments

4. how can you treat it?

4.1. medications

4.1.1. used to treat or lower the risk of birth defects

4.1.2. prescribed to pregnant mother or child

4.2. surgery

4.2.1. can fix defects or ease symptoms

4.2.2. most children born with birth defects usually need surgery

4.3. home care

4.3.1. parents or caregivers follow specific instructions for feeding, bathing, and monitoring their baby

5. what are the effects of it?

5.1. one of the leading causes of infant death

5.1.1. more likely to be born preterm

6. charities

6.1. overcome birth defects inc

6.1.1. supports families and children with birth defects to help find a cure or prevent them

7. how can children have a normal life?

7.1. physical therapy

7.2. medications

7.3. surgeries

7.4. support groups

7.5. lifelong medical care

8. biological development

8.1. may develop slower

8.2. have problems with intellectual, physical, or social development