Child Poverty

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Child Poverty by Mind Map: Child Poverty

1. future

1.1. equal opportunity to further education

1.1.1. college

1.1.2. scholarships

1.2. equal opportunity for jobs

1.2.1. no experience

1.2.2. discrimination

1.3. justice and equal opportunity for a lawyer

1.3.1. finances for a fair trial

1.3.2. professional representation

2. school

2.1. possible developmental delays

2.1.1. mental disorders

2.1.2. behavioral disorders

2.2. unfair treatment

2.2.1. bullying

2.2.2. judgement of teachers and faculty

2.3. financial stability

2.3.1. fee waiver eligibility

2.3.2. excessive fees

3. health

3.1. unable to get treatment they need

3.1.1. to treat serious life threatening conditions

3.1.2. essential doctors, dentist, ect

3.2. inadequate nutrition

3.2.1. unable to get food

3.2.2. don't have access to clean water

3.3. developmental problems

3.3.1. physical defects due to lack of proper nutrition

3.3.2. emotional, mental, and social disorders

4. shelter

4.1. unable to find shelters in area

4.1.1. state or country does not offer shelters

4.2. not suitable environment for a growing child

4.2.1. unable to afford to pay bills

4.2.2. can't get proper sleep

4.3. high poverty rates in area

4.3.1. impoverished countries

5. causes

5.1. impoverished care takers

5.2. unemployment

5.3. poverty struck nation

5.4. unfortunate event in the family

6. community

6.1. what are we doing to help?

6.2. are we providing enough support?

6.3. how can we prevent this from happening?