Social Anxieties and disorders

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Social Anxieties and disorders by Mind Map: Social Anxieties and disorders

1. Stress

1.1. How does it affect the body ?

1.1.1. In America how much stress does the average high school teenager have ?

1.2. Does stress limit you to doing anything

2. Depression

2.1. How does this affect your body ?

2.2. When someone has depression how does their life play out over the course of 1 day


3.1. Does it only relate to past military veterans ?

3.2. Does this disorder limit you to anything?

3.3. Is their any specific signs that you have this disorder ?

3.4. What affects does PTSD  have when a person has been  diagnosed with it and how does it play out over the course of a day

4. OCD

4.1. How does it affect someone point of view ?

4.2. Do people handle their disorder differently and if so what are some of the ways they cope ?

5. GAD

5.1. What is the cause of GAD

6. Panic Disorder

6.1. What are the symptoms ?

6.2. Does this disorder relate to panic disorders

7. How do doctors determine if you have a social anxiety or disorder