Teen Mental Illness

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Teen Mental Illness by Mind Map: Teen Mental Illness

1. How to prevent it

1.1. educate high school students more

1.1.1. more emphasis in heath classes teach more about how to deal with common illnesses

1.2. provide more safe ways to support teens

1.2.1. school support groups

1.2.2. better support system in counselors/teachers

1.2.3. ways to make teens less afraid to seek help?

1.3. medical help

1.3.1. counselors

1.3.2. support groups

1.3.3. medicine

1.3.4. coping techiniques

1.3.5. what type of medical help has been the most beneficial in treatment?

1.3.6. inpatient care

2. caused by chemical imbalances in the brain

2.1. how do scientist measure or diagnose it?

2.1.1. what tools or techniques?

2.2. what chemicals in the brain actually cause certain illnesses?

2.3. what is the statistic of the number of teens who have mental illness?

2.3.1. which countries have the highest rate of teen mental illness? do countries with conflicts or less incomes face more teen mental illness?

2.4. why do teens have a high rate of mental illness?

2.4.1. What other points is common for mental illnesses to occur in someone's life? age? mark in their lives (job, college, etc.)?

3. Affects on daily life

3.1. drops in school grades

3.2. changes in personality

3.3. wanting to not go out

3.4. hard to communicate and socialize

3.5. sleeping more

4. Environmental causes

4.1. school

4.1.1. stress tests need to fit in with everyone else Can we emphasize in school more about individuality?

4.1.2. anxiety test need to fit in

4.1.3. does mental illnesses appear more in school season compared to summer? do college students face similar struggles?

4.1.4. what can schools do to help prevent mental illness or lower stress/anxiety?

4.1.5. sleep deprivation what is the amount of hours of sleep the average teen should be getting? Are there ways school can change to help teens reach the recommended amount of sleep?

4.2. home situation

4.2.1. foster homes how can we make the foster care system improved and less harmful for teens?

4.2.2. abusive homes how can we provide safer ways for teens to get out of these situations?

4.2.3. divorced parents parents may argue a lot

4.2.4. non-supportive family no support in life style choices

4.3. social relationships

4.3.1. Break ups

4.3.2. bullying

4.3.3. social anxiety