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Sports by Mind Map: Sports

1. physical

1.1. fitness

1.1.1. stay healthy and look good

1.2. Injury

1.2.1. Life long injury or broken bones

2. Mental

2.1. losing

2.1.1. sad and talked bad about

2.2. winning

2.2.1. respected and liked

3. Nutrition

3.1. you have to eat good to stay fit

4. Teammates

4.1. bad teammates

4.1.1. teammates that are mean and try to bring you down

4.2. good teammates

4.2.1. nice teammates that are positive and try to keep you up. Can become friends

5. Opponents

5.1. Opponents can be mean and trash talk you.

5.2. How can opponents be nice?

5.2.1. they can help you up when you fall down, or say nice shot, or nice try and not trash talk.

6. coach

6.1. mean

6.1.1. the coach that just yells at you when you mess up and doesn't try to make you better.

6.2. nice

6.2.1. the coach that tries to help you improve when you mess up.