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Anxiety by Mind Map: Anxiety

1. What age group has it?

1.1. Do teens get more anxious then adults?

1.2. What percentage of kids have it?

1.3. Do people stop having it after a certain age?

2. Why do people have it?

2.1. Family Issues

2.2. School Stress

2.3. They may not have a reason

2.4. Something may have happened to them

2.4.1. Rape

2.4.2. Abuse

2.4.3. Bullying

3. Is it hereditary?

3.1. Can you not be if your parents are?

3.2. Can your parents make you have it?

3.2.1. They can cause you to worry about little things.

4. What kind of challenges do anxious people face?

4.1. Speaking in class

4.2. Being late to something

4.3. Not being able to talk to people

4.4. Being overwhelmed by tasks

4.5. Having to ask to do somethings

4.6. Going to School/Work

5. Panic Attacks

5.1. When are you most likely to have them?

5.1.1. Stressful Situations work Having a lot of school assignments Not being able to understand things Grades Having low grades Parents

5.1.2. Family Gatherings Having to see relatives Abusive relationships Not knowing anyone (big family)

5.1.3. School Presentations Talking in front of people Afraid to mess up Students making fun of you Grades

5.1.4. Having to be somewhere (late) School Doctors app. Event Friends house (party)

5.1.5. People at school Laughing Staring Talking to you Making fun of you

5.1.6. Parents Stressing you out Putting you down Anxious about putting others down Not there to pick you up for things Abusive Paranoid

5.2. How can you stop them?

5.2.1. Breathing Exercises

5.2.2. Therapy

5.2.3. Talking to someone about why you have them

5.2.4. Try to get yourself out of the situation

6. Socially

6.1. Not being able to have friends

6.1.1. They invite you somewhere You worry about it too much What to bring If new friends, what they might ask you

6.2. Not knowing what to say to people

6.3. Not being able to have a job because you can't talk to anyone correctly

6.4. Being in awkward situations

7. When your'e struggling in school with anxiety, what programs are available and do they really help?

8. Are the methods for coping with anxiety working for people, why or why not?