Marine Biology

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Marine Biology by Mind Map: Marine Biology

1. Marine Life

1.1. What kinds of creature inhabit our oceans?

1.2. Is every creature in our oceans considered marine life?

1.3. How has ocean life evolved over the millions of years?

1.4. How many species a theorized to be in our oceans?

1.5. How did animals hunt for food in prehistoric times?

1.5.1. How does that compare to today's animals ways of hunting

2. Oceans

2.1. What kinds of organisms live in different parts of the world?

2.2. What causes animals to migrate to different oceans?

2.3. What is the relationship between marine life and their oceans?

2.4. What problems arise from all our garbage drifting in the oceans?

2.4.1. What procedures can we take to help clean these waters?

3. Human Influence

3.1. Why did we decide to tame certain animals such as dolphins and whales?

3.1.1. What benefit does this grant us other than entertainment?

3.2. What problems can happened because of technology affecting the world's water

3.2.1. EX. Seals, dolphins, whales, etc. getting hurt from boats hitting them

3.3. What is the relationship between us and animals?

3.3.1. What causes certain animals to go out of their way to save a drowning person? Is this because of a ancient relationship between us and them?

3.4. What happens if we drive marine animals to extinction?

4. Evolution

4.1. Do animals really evolve to adapt their environment.

4.1.1. What are the effects on the organism if evolution occurs?

4.1.2. Why did we decide that animals evolve to adapt?

4.1.3. What happens to the organisms that fail to adapt?

4.1.4. What is the relationship between humans and evolution?

4.1.5. What changes can occur if evolve happens? Are the changes limited base on the previous anatomy OR are the changes potentially limitless?

4.2. Did humans come from preexisting animals

4.2.1. If so, did we come from animals of the ocean or land animals

4.2.2. If not, then how did we get here. Religion OR Evolution

5. The Undiscovered

5.1. How much of the oceans are still left to discover

5.2. Who was the first to truly venture into the unknown to learn about our world

5.3. Do sea monsters really exist like told in old sailor stories

5.3.1. Or are they nothing more than a myth?

5.4. What inventions would help us progress further into discovery?

5.5. What benefits does venturing into the deep ocean grant us?

5.5.1. Is it worth our money or Would we be better investing into other projects