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Sleep by Mind Map: Sleep

1. 1-5 Years Old

1.1. How much sleep is needed?

1.1.1. Why is it so easy for them to fall asleep?

1.1.2. What's a healthy amount?

1.1.3. What's an unhealthy amount?

2. 6-10 Years Old

2.1. How much sleep is needed?

2.1.1. Do kids this age even genuinely get tired?

2.1.2. I always active and never tired

3. 11-18 years old

3.1. How much sleep is needed?

3.1.1. Why am I always tired? Why can I stay up all night but not fall asleep the next night? Why can I sleep all day?

3.1.2. Is being stressed causing me to get tired? When I get home and lay down why does it feel so good?

3.1.3. Are headaches a sign of being tired? I never get enough sleep but I also have too much?

4. 19-30 Years Old

4.1. How much sleep is needed?

4.1.1. How can this age group push through sleeping?

5. 31-50 Years Old

5.1. How much sleep is needed?

5.1.1. Why are my parents always tired when they get home?

6. 51-80 Years Old

6.1. How much sleep is needed?

6.1.1. What is sleep like?

6.1.2. Why do older people have such a good sleep schedule?