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Space by Mind Map: Space

1. Will humans be around when Andromeda collides with the Milky Way?

1.1. How will this affect our solar system?

1.1.1. Will we survive this or will it affect drastically affect our world?

2. Earth 2.0

2.1. Will we ever discover an "Earth 2.0"

2.1.1. Will this place be capable of sustaining life? If it is will there already be preexisting life there? Would we recognize them as life?

3. Black Holes

3.1. How much will we discover about one of the universe's biggest mysteries?

3.2. Does time truly seize as we theorize inside a black hole?

3.3. Do the laws of physics even apply in a black hole?

3.4. How much gravity could one potentially produce?

3.4.1. Could "theoretically" a black hole, large enough, swallow the entire universe? How could we even comprehend something of this sear size?

4. Stars

4.1. What could a star potentially grow to if feed enough energy?

4.1.1. How unfathomable would such a giant be? Could it not stretch indefinitely? How would a discovery of this change our ways of thinking?

5. Meteors

5.1. How would mankind react if informed of a impending meteor headed towards Earth?

5.1.1. Would it be chaotic?

5.1.2. Would we undeniably accept the catastrophe?

5.2. What's the largest meteor ever spotted?

5.2.1. What's the largest to strike Earth including prehistoric times?

6. Unlimited?

6.1. Is the universe unlimited?

6.1.1. Does it have a point where it stopped expanding?

6.2. Is the universe really expanding?

7. Discovery

7.1. Will we ever discover other intelligent life?

7.2. How will we go about space travel?

7.3. Will we ever travel to other stars?

7.3.1. How will we travel such great distances? Will we ever achieve the speed of light ourselves?