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Feminism by Mind Map: Feminism

1. history

1.1. women have always been treated differently throughout history

1.1.1. looked at as objects

1.1.2. only expected to be a stay at home mom and cook and clean

1.2. why have women always been looked down upon

2. working/employment

2.1. women make less than men working the same jobs

2.1.1. 79 cents to every dollar a man makes

2.1.2. gender wage gap of 21%

2.2. women are considered "bossy" in management positions

3. looks vs personality

3.1. women always are judged by their looks

3.1.1. men are told they're smart or creative

3.1.2. women are told they're pretty or beautiful or ugly

3.1.3. women are looked down upon if they aren't pretty enough

3.1.4. women are judged by what they wear

3.2. how are women treated differently in the media vs men?

4. rarely get recognized for achievements

4.1. olympics

4.1.1. men get their name listed in articles when they win a gold medal

4.1.2. women get described by their looks when they win a gold medal

5. family relationships

5.1. expected to have kids

5.1.1. if a woman doesn't want kids she's looked down upon because it's "natural"

5.1.2. women who get abortions are looked down upon for doing what they want with their body

5.2. expected to leap to fufill a man's needs

5.2.1. still seen as sexual objects and used for sex

5.2.2. some men expect women to cook, clean, take care of the kids, work, etc. it's a lot of expect out of one person if the man doesn't think he should help marriages take two people and you have to support and help each other not just expect one person to do everything

5.3. how are dress codes in schools unfair to women?