Testing human products on animals

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Testing human products on animals by Mind Map: Testing human products on animals

1. what animals are usually tested on?

1.1. what happens to the animals after they are tested on?

1.1.1. are they set free? left abandoned? sent to a pound?

2. Who funds the equipment, animals and the environment to perform the test?

3. Where do the animals come from?

3.1. most important animal? mostly used?

4. What does the federal government say about the testing of the animals?

5. What law clears the testing?

6. What type of person performs the test?

7. Where specifically are these performed?

7.1. are there only certain places that clear these types of things?

8. How do they start the testing?

8.1. What is the testing process?

8.1.1. how are the animals treated?

9. who started the idea to start testing human products?

9.1. first experiment maybe?

10. what can we do to stop the killing and testing of innocent animals?

10.1. Is there another way to test human products other than on animals?