what causes emotions/feelings

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what causes emotions/feelings by Mind Map: what causes emotions/feelings

1. anger

1.1. people experience anger when they feel like everyone's against them or something bad happens to them

1.2. flight or fight

1.2.1. when you feel threatened

2. sadness

2.1. we feel sadness when something happens to us that's tragic

3. why do we have emotions?

3.1. human emotions have let humans survive all these years

3.1.1. emotions have allowed us to become communicative and smarter

3.1.2. emotions exist to guide your behavior

4. embarrassment

4.1. fear response

5. fear

5.1. fear was used as a survival instinct

5.2. related to past events that were traumatic

6. dreams/nightmares related to emotions

6.1. dreams show your true subconscious feelings

6.2. feelings may of been ignored during the day but expressed in your dreams

7. anxiety

7.1. caused by stress

7.2. effects teens and adults

7.3. feelings of nervousness

8. love

8.1. people want relationships with other people to feel like they're better

8.1.1. even if you deny wanting a relationship or don't want one deep down there's a part of you that does because it makes you feel special/wanted

8.2. why do we fall in love?

8.2.1. everyone has standards or stuff they want and if someone doesn't fit your criteria you see them as a friend

8.3. does love at first sight exist?

9. happiness

9.1. humans can feel happiness because they like how everything in their life is going