High School Interactions

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High School Interactions by Mind Map: High School Interactions

1. Is it true what everyone says about High school?

1.1. High school isn't like the movies

2. Relationships

2.1. Do you stay with your significant other, like you thought?

2.1.1. Usually no

3. Friendships

3.1. Do you lose friends after High school?

4. How does sports affect your high school career?

4.1. Sports make you keep up your grades

4.1.1. Be social Could get a scholarship easier

5. Clubs

5.1. Be involved, it will benefit you in the future

6. Popularity

6.1. Someone thinks they're better than ypu

6.1.1. Is Popularity something you want to become involved in? What's the reality of high school?

7. ¨Be yourself"

7.1. If I be myself, will I get judged?

8. Was prom everything you ever thought it'd be?

8.1. Is prom worth it?

9. In the end are we all the same?