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College by Mind Map: College

1. Sports

1.1. you can earn scholarships just by playing sports in high school if youre good enough.

1.2. Ive seen some people that dont play high school sports and they are a high school student that are actually really good and dont make the team.

1.3. most teams like basketball and baseball and volleyball just pick favorites which is unfair to other students.

1.4. Why wont the coaches give other people a chance?

2. Job

2.1. Sometimes theres cases when you finish college and dont even get the job afterwards that youve been wanting.

2.2. Why cant some people have the job they went to college for ?

2.3. when you think about it, its like wow i just wasted all my money time and effort into something i cant even have. that's not such a good feeling.

3. Money

3.1. Why do they expect teenagers to have 100's of thousands of dollars right in their pocket ?

3.2. Why cant keys money be used somewhere other than the state you live in ?

3.3. Not even working a job for years will get you that kind of money.

4. Education

4.1. I never understand why its all based on a percentage if youre allowed in certain colleges or not.

4.2. theirs smart kids that can fail a test just because theyre bad at taking test

4.3. i dont think its fair to everyone not being accepted where they want to go, maybe college is a chance for them to show you what they really got

4.4. some schools don't even teach students correctly so some what of those students its not their fault