Essentialism - Greg McKeown

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Essentialism - Greg McKeown by Mind Map: Essentialism - Greg McKeown

1. Mindset

1.1. Individual Choice

1.1.1. My first act of free will is to believe in free will

1.1.2. I choose to v/s I have to

1.1.3. We must develop a heightened awareness of our ability to choose

1.1.4. People will plateau at the level at which their selectivity plateaus

1.1.5. What keeps successful people from going to the next level Inability to choose

1.1.6. Commitment Brings Courage Like on your way to the airport

1.1.7. Live life according to voice inside - not the noise OUTSIDE

1.2. We must discern - Almost Everything is Noise

1.2.1. Warren Buffet 90% of wealth from 10 investments he bought and held Makes very few investment decisions

1.2.2. We must discern more in order to do less

1.3. Life is Tradeoffs

1.3.1. Strategic position is not sustainable unless there are tradeoffs with other positions - Michael Porter Story of Southwest v/s continental

1.3.2. Saying yes to an opportunity means that by definition we are saying NO to others Don't make tradeoffs by default. Choose them

1.3.3. Tradeoffs present a significant opportunity. - They are inherently positive part of life. - Not negative Instead of thinking what do I have to give up - Think: What do I want to go big on? Don't ask - How can I do both? Instead ask - which one do I want?

2. Process

2.1. Explore

2.1.1. Escape Without great solitude, no great work is possible - PIcasso Create space to explore - mental and physical Bill Gates Think Week

2.1.2. Look. See what really matters

2.1.3. Play

2.1.4. Sleep

2.1.5. Select (Have Extreme criteria) Heck Yes or NO

2.2. Eliminate

2.2.1. Clarify

2.2.2. Dare - Power of No They man like you but they will respect you

2.2.3. Uncommit - Win by cutting down Sunk Cost bias Zero based Thinking

2.2.4. Edit Replace many meaningless things with one meaningful thing Ruthlessly cut out

2.2.5. Limit If you have limits, you will become limitless Boundaries are liberating

2.3. Execute

2.3.1. Buffer Build buffer in order to think clearly

2.3.2. Subtract In order to ADD Remove the obstacles Remove the constraints to move faster

2.3.3. Progress Greatest Motivator = Progress

2.3.4. Routines Routines make willpower inconsequential

2.3.5. Focus - Whats important now