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EOS by Mind Map: EOS

1. Session 1

1.1. Imagine, Think, Do: Waking up to yourself Barbarah et al.

1.2. Anatomy, Physiology, and Mystery BN & Elizabeth

1.3. World Shapes, World Views DRL, ATK

1.4. Good and Evil MM / Miguel

2. Individual Inquiry

2.1. Self Study

3. Session 2

3.1. BioDesign JT

3.2. Connecting to the Earth & Cosmos DW, PT

3.3. Living on the Earth, Living off the Earth Paula / DRL

3.4. Natural Learning & Traditional Knowing DRL, atk

4. Orientation

4.1. Who are "WE"?

4.2. Where did "We" Come from?

4.3. Where are "We" going?