7 pillars of Innovation in the Health Care field

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7 pillars of Innovation in the Health Care field by Mind Map: 7 pillars of Innovation in the Health Care field

1. Outcomes

1.1. The result of an idea and or plan. This could be taken in many different perspectives, however the main goal is the quality of life for the patients within the healthcare system

1.1.1. i.e. The patient’s care that was given by a medical professional.

2. Evidence based practice

2.1. Research that is conducted clinically to provide a good quality outcome. Usually these studies are performed to research more in depth of current illnesses to better improve the patient's health.

2.1.1. i.e. An experiment that is conducted on patients to better understand the evidence provided; placebo effect vs. control group

3. Finance

3.1. The financial aspect of the project, whether it’s how it’s spent or saved, network gain/loss, or resource availability. We currently have issues with the US health care system due to the high cost. An innovative aspect would be to reduce these finances or to create better methods and/or tests to be as efficient as possible to reduce finances.

3.1.1. i.e. The budget of a college that contributes medical research to further advance the field of medicine.

4. Policy

4.1. An approach to settle certain situations through a course of action. Usually these policies are created to address current health issues that the population may be experiencing.

4.1.1. i.e. Health and safety policies that are conducted at the hospital to protect and inform patients the guidelines of current standards to prevent injury or etc. Like implementing evacuation procedures.

5. Innovation Process

5.1. The process of solving every day problems to better this generation and the next. It's the multiple steps that it takes to follow through an innovative way in the health care field.

5.1.1. i.e. Engineering a better prosthetic arm for patients that increases the individual’s quality of life.

6. Leadership structure

6.1. A structure that is usually in a structural hierarchy of Individuals that provide good leadership to others to run an operation effectively and efficiently. In an innovative healthcare perspective, creating a better process between doctors, nurses, and other health care workers would be most beneficial.

6.1.1. i.e. A charge nurse is in charge of the nurses to improve communications between employees to provide high quality service for the patients.

7. Technology and communication

7.1. Aides that help contribute to the goal in mind and pass ideas to improve the conclusion. Communication is key in the health care field, if health care workers are able to better communicate amongst each other and with the patients, this will allow better diagnoses and perhaps help with preventative care.

7.1.1. i.e. The machines that assist a medical professional to fulfill a goal such as a tablet that a doctor and a nurse may share to better communicate of patients.