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1. What is it?

1.1. Is a commercial contract govern by Mexico's general law of credits , instruments and operations.

2. How does it work?

2.1. It consist normally of three parties:

2.2. 1._The trustor

2.2.1. It is the party that transfer titles of assets to the trustee

2.3. 2._ The trustee

2.3.1. The party that holds the asset in trust

2.4. 3._The beneficiary

2.4.1. Party that stands to benefit from the assets and trust

3. Different uses of the trust:

3.1. 1._ Land trust

3.1.1. Is the real estate or land for the restricted zone for acquiring residential property.

3.2. 2._ Administrative trust

3.2.1. Revolve around the administration and management of certain assets.

3.3. 3._Guaranty trusts

3.3.1. Secure collateral in all kinds of loans issued to Mexicans and to non-Mexicans borrowers

3.4. 4._ Investment trusts

3.4.1. Are used by the banking and financial markets industry as an investment tools

4. Rights that the trustor used to keep for itself:

4.1. Creation and formation

4.1.1. MUST BE:

4.1.2. Written

4.1.3. Prepared following the formalities required for the tranfer to the trust that will be subjec to trust

4.2. Duration

4.2.1. Are normally for a specific period of time and con not exceed 50 years

4.3. Technical Committee

4.3.1. It can be required for the trustee to have a constant or specific supervision and/or direction or just simply assistance in satisfying some purposes