School days should not be longer.

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School days should not be longer. by Mind Map: School days should not be longer.

1. Test scores and grades

1.1. Students with longer school days are not paying attention to the work they are doing and they are worrying more about the length of the school day. "Larry Cuban, a professor of education at Stanford, argues in his book Hugging the Middle that too much attention is being focused on the length of the school day, when the real issue is the quality of education students receive while they’re in school, no matter how long they’re there. " (Staff writers)

1.1.1. No test scores would be improved. "Reports show that more time spent in school doesn't necessarily result in higher test scores." (Tucker)

1.1.2. Moving at a slower pace while doing work they get more done but in reality it still doesn't affect the test scores like it should.  "It seems counterintuitive but we do things at a slower pace and as a result we get through a lot more." (Gladwell)

2. The happiness of students and teachers

2.1. Teachers will have to work longer hours which means they will have less time with family and personal things and they cant have much free time. "Extended school days means that teachers will be required to work longer hours or additional teachers must be hired to work the extra time. " (Tucker)

2.1.1. Students will be tired and mentally and physically drained from the longer days. "The longer day could lead to tired, burned-out and inattentive students, or force them to abandon their after-school activities, which are also important for social development and growth." (Anderson)

2.1.2. Students want to push through and get all the work done before sleeping or eating which isn't healthy. " mom make me break for dinner. i tell her I want to go straight through,  but she says i have to eat." (Gladwell)

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4. Funding for the schools would be affected

4.1. The schools with longer days would need to get more funds to be able to supply for the students and pay for the teachers. "dding extra time to the school day requires more funding to cover higher teacher salaries, supplemental textbooks or resources and the cost of additional specialized educators." (Tucker)

4.1.1. Private school would have to raise tuition because of the funding to keep the school open, for example all of the costs for book and teacher salaries "Private schools will be forced to raise tuition." (Tucker)

4.1.2. Millions of dollars will be spent on longer school days that will not make a big impact. "$10 million was spent in 2011 for 50 public schools to lengthen their days. Schools received up to $150,000 to use to compensate employees for the extra time. The total projected cost for all schools in the district to move to extended time was $84 million." (Anderson)