Problems with Ecuador

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Problems with Ecuador by Mind Map: Problems with Ecuador

1. Goal: Create more accountability to limit corruption

1.1. Possible Solutions?

1.1.1. 1 - Make Judicial Courts force penalties

1.1.2. 2 - Get $ out of politics

1.1.3. 3 -  A new band of politicians Revolutionize politics, specially with technology

1.1.4. 4 - A new band of enforcers

1.1.5. 5 - Create some form of accountability/regulation for environmental/social impact - Perhaps incentives & loans for green tech, and some regulation

2. Economic Policy

2.1. Bad economic policy leads to business not being able to grow, making it hard to start a business

2.2. We must produce

3. No Security

3.1. Because there isn't any accountability, and corruption is widespread there is no security. When people are scared to make businesses or have money this impacts everyone

3.2. chicken or egg debate, does the lack of jobs create violence or vice versa? Either way corruption and accountability must probably be first taken care of

4. No political accountability

4.1. When there is no accountability the seeds of corruption grow and spread. When corruption is common, all other foundations fail.

4.1.1. Corruption in Politics leads to bad decision making

4.1.2. It leads to corruption in: Enforcement - Police & Judicial Business - Financing fails, the stock market and any form of venture capital is done Business and Politics merge, and big business have the upper advantage by buying politicians for pushing agendas and anti-competition legislation

5. Training & Expertise

5.1. Gov incentives

5.2. We need skilled positions to survive, most of all low skill jobs will be replaced with technology, our future will rely in STEM, business & financial services, medicine, law/politics, & for a very small part entertainment

6. Goal: Create economic policies that support free market trade, ease the creation of business,and  have incentives/support business growth specially in green/tech/production/financing/medicine/R&D fields

6.1. Possible Solutions:

6.1.1. 1 - Policies that support previous statement

7. Goal: We must uphold the law and get rid of all low level crime, so it doesn't interfere with public life.

7.1. Solution?

7.1.1. Reform prison system into recovery system, give opportunities for convicts to reform

7.1.2. Legalize a bunch of drugs

8. Goal: Revolutionize education, and use it to meet market demand

8.1. Solution?

8.1.1. Education Idea Green buildings idea Pot/hemp idea Neural Lace Business Venture capital Security Law Utilities

9. Step 1: Accountability, regulation, econ policies, & new politics (Multiple steps will be run at once, but emphasis on this)

10. Step 2: Security & Business