3E1 Sports

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3E1 Sports by Mind Map: 3E1 Sports

1. Who?

2. What? (Activities)

2.1. basketball family

2.1.1. Basketball Beach basketball Deaf basketball Streetball Water basketball Wheelchair basketball Cestoball Korfball Netball   Indoor netball Ringball Slamball

2.2. air sports

2.2.1. Aerobatics Air racing Hot air ballooning Cluster ballooning Hopper balloon Gliding Hang gliding Powered hang glider Human powered aircraft Model aircraft Parachuting Banzai skydiving BASE jumping Skydiving Skysurfing Wingsuit flying Paragliding Powered paragliding                                     Paramotoring                                             Ultralight aviation

2.3. archery

2.3.1. Field archery                                                       Flight archery                                                     Gungdo                                                               Indoor archery                                               Kyūdō                                                                 Popinjay                                                         Target archery

2.4. bat-and-ball

2.4.1. Baseball Softball Softball|Slow pitch Fast-pitch softball 16-inch softball Bat and trap British baseball  Brännboll  Corkball  Cricket Indoor cricket                                                          Limited overs cricket                                             Test cricket Twenty20 Danish longball Kickball Kilikiti Lapta (game)|Lapta – two salos (bases) The Massachusetts Game – four bases Matball Oina Old cat – variable Over-the-line – qv Palant Pesäpallo – four bases Punchball Rounders – four bases or posts Scrub baseball – four bases (not a team game ''per se'') Stickball – variable Stool ball – two stools Tee-ball Town ball – variable Vigoro – two wickets Wireball Wiffleball Bucketball

2.5. ball-over-net games

2.5.1. volleyball   Badminton Ball badminton Biribol                                                             Bossaball Fistball Footbag net Football tennis Footvolley Hooverball  Peteca Pickleball Platform tennis Sepak takraw Sipa                                                                       Tennis Throwball Volleyball Beach volleyball Paralympic volleyball Wallyball

2.6. baton twirling

2.7. board sports

2.7.1. Skateboarding Freestyle scootering Casterboarding Freeboard  Longboarding Streetboarding Skysurfing Streetluge Snowboarding Mountainboarding Sandboarding Snowkiting Surfing Wakesurfing Bodyboarding Riverboarding Skimboarding Windsurfing Wakeboarding Kneeboarding

2.8. catch games

2.8.1. Dodgeball Ga-ga Keep away Kin-Ball Newcomb ball muggle quidditch Rundown Yukigassen

2.9. climbing

2.9.1. Rock climbing Bouldering Deep-water soloing Sport climbing Traditional climbing Aid climbing Ice climbing Mixed climbing

2.10. cycling

2.10.1. Artistic cycling BMX Cyclo-cross Cross-country mountain biking Cycle polo Cycle speedway Downhill mountain biking Dirt jumping Freestyle BMX Hardcourt Bike Polo Road bicycle racing Track cycling Underwater cycling

2.11. football

2.11.1. Chinlone Cuju Episkyros Harpastum Kemari Ki-o-rahi Marn Grook Woggabaliri Yubi lakpi Medieval football Ba game Caid (sport)|Caid Calcio Fiorentino

3. How? (What people say about sports)

3.1. Drugs in Sports

3.2. Sport Hobbies

3.3. Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, team sports are good for learning accountability, dedication, and leadership, among many other traits. Putting it all together by playing a sport is a winning combination.

3.4. Advantages of Sports

3.5. Disadvantages of Sports

3.5.1. increasing the risk of injury, adding a lot of pressure, developing aggression and the large investment of time.

3.6. Is winning the most important?

3.6.1. if you did not win, you have already done your best. You should learn from your mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat them. By doing so, it shows that you know the value of sportsmanship. After all, the process of learning is more important than winning.

4. Where?

4.1. football pitch

4.2. baseball field

4.3. basketball court

4.4. cricket pitch

4.5. hockey field

4.6. ice hockey rink

4.7. rugby pitch

4.8. speed skating rink

4.9. tennis court

4.10. bandy rink