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Transport by Mind Map: Transport

1. Who?

1.1. Working adults

1.1.1. Daily commute

1.1.2. Friend meet up

1.2. Families

1.2.1. Family outings

1.2.2. Travelling overseas

1.3. Students

1.3.1. School trips

1.3.2. Friend meet ups

1.3.3. Daily commute

2. What?

2.1. Car

2.1.1. Some people may not own one as it is unaffordable

2.1.2. Train The most packed transportation

2.2. Taxi

2.2.1. People usually take the taxi when they want to travel somewhere far from where they are currently at now as the fees are quite expensive

2.2.2. One of the most frequent transportation people take

2.3. Bus

2.4. Planes

2.4.1. A transportation people take when they want to travel overseas

2.5. Ships

2.5.1. People travel by ships when they want to go to nearby islands or countries

3. Where?

3.1. Different places of Singapore

3.2. Different countries

3.2.1. People usually take buses or planes to travel overseas nowadays

3.3. Places where people want to go

3.3.1. More bus stops and train stations are being added to travel to your destination easier

3.4. Source of transport

3.4.1. MRT

3.4.2. Bus interchange

3.4.3. Bus stops

3.4.4. Taxi stands

3.4.5. Airport

4. How?

4.1. Convenience

4.2. How does it benefit us?

4.2.1. Faster access to destinations

4.2.2. Able to move more than 1 person from place to place together

4.3. How does it affect the environment?

4.3.1. Animals lose their homes and forced to move to a new foreign place

4.3.2. Construction may emit greenhouses gases that worsen global warming

4.3.3. Vehicles release gases that adds more pollution to the air