Road Revolution

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Road Revolution by Mind Map: Road Revolution

1. 9) Quartering Act 1765

1.1. Cause: Parliament wanted to punish Boston for the Boston Tea Party and put them in their place by requiring colonists to keep British soldiers in their homes. Effect: Colonists were angry and revolted against Britain

2. 6) Second Continental Congress 1775

2.1. Cause: The intolerable acts and the colonist's punishment/result of closing the Harbor. Effect: Organized the colonists help and effort towards the war.

3. 2) First Continental Congress 1774

3.1. Cause: Colonist were angry about the shutting down of the Harbor. Efffect: Colonial leaders got together, listed their concerns and asked for resolutions to these problems from King George III.

4. 8) Stamp Act 1765

4.1. Cause: To pay out the debt created from the French & Indian War. Effect: Colonists boycotted against the British goods.

5. 14) Townshed Acts

5.1. Cause: These acts were placed on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea to help the British with money issues. Effect: The colonists felt powerless and boycotted British goods.

6. 11) Intolerable Acts

6.1. Cause: Closed the Pearl Harbor until all the tea used was paid off. Effect: Town meetings weren't allowed without the government's consent and new acts including the Quartering Acts were made.

7. 13) Sons of Liberty 1766

7.1. Cause: The acts and the continuous increasing of taxes on goods. Effect: Boycotting of British goods.

8. 10) Sugar Act 1764

8.1. Cause: To pay off debt created from the French & Indian War. Effect: Colonists smuggled in goods and revolted.

9. 12) Daughters of Liberty 1769

9.1. Cause: Helped boycotting agains British Goods and they made homespun materials to reduce the purchasing and support of Imported goods. Effect: Resulted in the Townshed Acts.

10. 5) French & Indian War

10.1. Cause: English colonists ran out of land and wanted to move out west. Effect: Wars are expensive so the country had to pay for bullets, weapons and other supplies.

11. 3) Boston Massacre

11.1. Cause: Colonists were revolting against British goods due to the taxes and policies that England imposed on the colonies. Effect: England made new laws over the colonists, and declare their independence.

12. 4) Proclamation of 1763

12.1. Cause: British leaders were scared that more revolting and fighting would occur on the frontier if colonists continued to move to the American Indian lands. Effect: British settlement that was west of the Appalachian Mountians were banned and the settlers had to leave the upper Ohio River Valley

13. 7) Boston Tea Party 1770

13.1. Cause: British enforced acts by taxing. Effect: Colonists got angry and spilled tea in the harbor and King George closed the harbor and didn't allow anyone to go in until all the tea was paid for.

14. 1) Declaration of Independence 1776

14.1. Cause: Revolutionary War. Effect:  Gaining independence and no longer being ruled by King George