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english by Mind Map: english

1. mr alexander

1.1. reading

1.1.1. house on mango street

1.1.2. short stories

1.2. poetry

1.2.1. hiku

1.2.2. tanka

1.2.3. major project writing hiku on movie we saw

1.3. mr alexander

1.3.1. reading house on mango street

1.4. mr alexander

1.4.1. reading house on mango street

1.4.2. poetry hiku tanka

1.4.3. mr alexander reading house on mango street

1.5. essay

1.5.1. essay on major projects the sculpture

1.6. plays we saw

1.6.1. a mid summer nights dream

1.6.2. we saw 2 movies did 2 big projects on them