English Language Learners (ELL) Programs

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English Language Learners (ELL) Programs by Mind Map: English Language Learners (ELL) Programs

1. Who:

1.1. The member of this 5-Step Action Plan are the African and Latino students in my class.

1.2. The student population is 54. In my class 28% are African and  28% are Latino.

2. What

2.1. Students will promote significant people, place, and things (historical figures, important places, and signature dishes) that have impacted their culture.  As well exchanging their native language as a gesture of hospitality and respect.

2.1.1. Showing hospitality is a sign of respect. In order for us to coexist we must respect each other completely.

2.1.2. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

2.2. Celebrating African Heritage through art help to show traditions in a very global way.

3. 5 Step Action Plan

4. When:

4.1. The month of October is when we celebrate Multiple Cultures during Multi-Cultural Night.

4.2. From September 15 to October 15 Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized. At Dorothy I. Height we felt it a need to also celebrate other cultures that make up our school family.

4.2.1. We also celebrate Asian Pacific Month in May to infuse even more culture into our student body.

5. Where:

5.1. Dorothy I. Height Elementary School

6. Why:

6.1. If we celebrate one culture, then it’s multicultural because it is educating the entire population while fostering the environment of collaboration and general understanding.

6.2. In order for us to embrace each others differences, we must first be introduced on a more personal level.

6.3. Inducting culture into our daily educational experience, relieves and reduces negativity that can ultimately grow into something much more sinister

7. How:

7.1. We will be engaging in Morning Meetings, Close-Reads (whole group), small group activities, Multicultural Night, Dining in Diversity, and Versatile Vernacular.

7.2. *Morning Meeting is a perfect time to exchange salutations in each others language.

7.3. *Close Reads/Small groups are times to use literature that foster culture and relatability.

7.4. *Dining in Diversity is a time to experience culture through food and beverages.

7.5. *Versatile Vernacular is an opportunity for us to learn and speak in a different language.

7.5.1. These are opportunities for us to exchange formally and informally our interest, favorites, aspirations, and to be ourselves.

8. References: