Dimensions of Wellness

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Dimensions of Wellness by Mind Map: Dimensions of Wellness

1. Environmental

1.1. Caring for the Environment around you, as well as protecting ourselves from the hazards around us, including pollution. As a whole, we can contribute to this by conserving energy, making a difference in the world around us, not adding to the hazards by polluting the water and land around us, recycling anything that is able to be recycled which leads to decreases in landfill overfill.

2. Spiritual

2.1. Being able to identify our purpose in life, whether it is backed by a religion, or another form of power or energy, can be some aspects of spiritual well being. It can also be our experiences with feeling love, peace, happiness, and joy. It can be a connection to god for some, or merely believing in a higher power than our own selves. Being able to identify this can allow us a strong awareness of our inner selves.

3. Intellectual

3.1. Learning through experiences, being open to new ideas and being self aware are all aspects of intellectual wellness. Challenging ourselves to think outside the box, accept different opinions from our own, and use our brain to the best of our ability can help with setting goals in our lives, being productive and evaluating information. By being able to do so, it stimulates personal growth in ourselves, and can directly relate to emotional wellbeing as well as other dimensions of health.

4. Occupational

4.1. Choosing a career that is rewarding to us, and that we love, and directly relate to how great we feel as a whole. It can contribute to all other aspects of health, including physical, emotional, social etc. Choosing a career that suits our personality, that we enjoy, and that we are good at, helps increase our self worth, how content we are, and increases joy in our overall life. Sharing our skills with the people around us, also gives us meaning and can directly relate to satisfaction in life.

5. Social

5.1. Social wellness can include relationships with friends and family, people around us, and also the world as a whole. Finding ways to enhance our social and personal relationships can go a long way in contributing to our overall well being and how content we feel. Being involved in regular social groups, at school, with family, even with your work place, can help contribute to a happy wellbeing and feeling content in all aspects of wellness,

6. Psychological & Emotional

6.1. Being emotionally well can include many different aspects of your life, feeling positive about yourself, accepting yourself and others around you, and being able to express yourself effectively. It can directly relate to how you make choices in your life, and how happy you are overall. Major stressors, anxiety, depression and, anger, can all lead to a negative emotional wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with positive support groups, and seeking help when needed can greatly increase our successes in maintaining a positive emotional wellbeing.

7. Physical

7.1. Regular physical activity such as walking, running, swimming, and anything to get your heart pumping! Helps us to maintain healthy body weight, as well as to maintain physical wellness. This can include limiting alcohol intake, drug use, drinking plenty of water, as well as maintaining a regular diet of healthy foods. If we feel good in our health, we have a greatly tendency to feel great overall, we have more energy, we are in a better mood, we are happier with ourselves.