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1. Why did it happen?

1.1. Separate races

1.1.1. the black population was marginal and autonomous and deprived of South African citizenship. blacks receive a lower education

1.2. the white race dominates

1.3. Official politics

1.3.1. relationship prohibit people from different race

2. How did people solve it?

2.1. international pressure

2.2. Strikes and demonstrations

2.3. February 1990

2.3.1. Release of anti-apartheid leaders Freedom to Nelson Mandela after 28 years in prison

2.4. 1991

2.4.1. Nelson Mandela is President of South Arica

3. Where did it happen?

3.1. South Africa

4. Who were involved in the conflict?

5. When did it happen?

5.1. The National Party won the elections

5.2. 1944 to 1990

5.2.1. For 50 years