Living Things

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Living Things by Mind Map: Living Things

1. Clasification

1.1. Kingdom

1.1.1. Animals Invertebrates Molluscs Annelids Nematodes Arthropods Vertebrates Mammals Birds Reptiles Amphibians Fish Feature Multicellular

1.1.2. Plants Flowering Monocotyledon Dicotyledon Features Non Flowering Algae Moss Fern Features Multicellular Cell wall (Cellulose) Green Part (Chlorophyll)

1.1.3. Bacteria No Nucleus Small Unicellular Cell Wall (not cellulose/chitin) Cell Membrane and Cytoplasm (containing Glycogen granules DNA form of a single (coiled chromosome) some have one or more flagella some have slime capsule

1.1.4. Protists

1.1.5. Fungi No Chlorophyll Pasatically Grow Specialised Area (Fruiting Bodies)

1.2. Phylum

1.3. Class

1.4. Order

1.5. Family

1.6. Genus

1.7. Species

2. Characteristics

2.1. Movement

2.2. Respiration

2.3. Sensitivity

2.4. Growth

2.5. Reproduction

2.6. Excretion

2.7. Nutrition

3. Binomial System

3.1. Genus Species

3.1.1. Genus First Capital Letter

3.1.2. Species Italic