THOMAS TALLIS past,present,futuer

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THOMAS TALLIS past,present,futuer by Mind Map: THOMAS TALLIS past,present,futuer

1. Is some of the students from the past work here now?

1.1. I would say that some students do work at the school now but i do not have a clue who does.

2. When exactly was the school made?

2.1. the school was made in 1971 and opened 1973

3. Is any one sad about losing some parts of this school?

3.1. I would say that most people are quite sad about losing some parts of the old school.

4. Will the heaters be on in the winter instead of the summer?

4.1. yes they might be but it is up to the head.

5. When did the school become mixed gender?

5.1. this school was a mixed gender for 38 yrs.

6. How will the new school help the community?

6.1. no it wont as it isnt changing the atmosphere