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1. Audience

1.1. Potential Clients

1.1.1. People in need of graphic design or screen-print services T-shirt printing Logo design Brand Identity Vinyl prints Sign design

1.2. Invisible Creature, multi-disciplinary design firm located in Seattle

1.3. Important information for my audience

1.3.1. Software proficiencies

1.3.2. Pricing

1.3.3. Experience

1.3.4. Past works

1.3.5. Ability to produce quality work on a strict deadline

1.3.6. Integrity

1.4. I want the audience to leave the presentation with a clear vision of who I am, what I do, and why I do it. I want them to be inspired, and I want the presentation to be an accurate representation of the quality of my work.

2. Tools

2.1. Powerpoint

2.1.1. I intend to use Powerpoint to make the presentation because I'm more familiar with it than other slide-based programs.

2.2. Adobe Photoshop

2.2.1. I'm going to use Photoshop to create the visual elements of the presentation because I'm comfortable operating in the program. It's also the industry standard.

2.3. Pen and Paper

2.3.1. I always work with pen and paper prior to any electronic medium. I like to get really sketchy with my ideas before importing them to Photoshop.

3. Message

3.1. The intended message is to convey my passion for design. I want to show my potential clients how passionate I am and convince them to chose me for all of their future design work.

3.2. Growing up, I always looked up to designers like Johnny Cupcakes and Invisible Creature. I want to be that same source of inspiration for other aspiring designers.

3.3. My design work is intended to let the client's personality shine through utilizing visual elements.

4. Obstacles

4.1. Presentation Obstacles

4.1.1. Nerves

4.1.2. Potential software issues

4.2. Job Market Obstacles

4.2.1. Are there many people in my area in need of design?

4.2.2. Are there any graphic design firms in my area seeking designers?

4.3. Common design misnomers

4.3.1. A lot of people see design as an unnecessary expense, when in actuality, quality of design elements can make or break a business

5. Presentation Flow

5.1. Beginning

5.1.1. I will begin the presentation with the "why". I'll tell the audience about my passion for design, and why I'm in the industry in the first place. I'll most likely inform the audience as to why I chose the graphic design field. I'll tell my story from childhood to now. Childhood inspirations

5.2. Middle

5.2.1. I intend for the middle of the presentation to tell the "how". I want to tell my potential clients why I'm more qualified than my competition. I'll tell about my past work as a graphic designer as well as the skills I learned at Full Sail. Software proficiency

5.3. End

5.3.1. I'll end with the "what". I'll tell my potential clients my long term goals and what I aim to achieve in the design industry. My long-term goal is to be self employed. I want to own a multidisciplinary design firm. Brand Identity Art direction Illustration 2D animation Screen Print Vinyl cutting

6. STAR Moment

6.1. Design that represents YOU?

6.2. From paper to gold?

6.3. Design that lets your company's qualities shine through?

6.4. I'd like to utilize things I learned from TED talks I've watched. Maybe something that appeals to senses that haven't been appealed to through the presentation alone?