Formative Assessment Tools- assessments "of" learning

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Formative Assessment Tools- assessments "of" learning by Mind Map: Formative Assessment Tools-  assessments "of" learning

1. Quizlet- Learning tool for easy studying practices with note cards, quizzes, and games.

2. Poll Everywhere- An audience response system that allows users to respond to polls, present polls and work through PowerPoint presentations.

3. Grammarly- An online proofreading tool that checks text for grammar, punctuation, etc.

3.1. No Red Ink- An online tool that helps students practice grammar in a fun, relevant way.

4. MindMeister - Shareable, online concept web where you can brainstorm and connect ideas.

4.1. Mindmodo-Mind Map

5. Wordle - Word cloud generator that allows you to manipulate font/text size/color to show importance of certain ideas or concepts.

6. Social Media Sites:

6.1. Pinterest - Online catalog of ideas where you can save ideas, follow users and get updates on things that they save.

6.2. Facebook - Online tool to connect you with others across the world, allows you to communicate and share ideas and tools.

6.3. Twitter- Online news and social networking site where you can post and share information and communicate with others.

7. Class Dojo- An online behavior management system that fosters positive student behaviors and classroom culture.

8. ESL Video- An online quiz generator that links with YouTube videos and assists with learning English. GoogTeachers are able to create their own quizzes to go along with YouTube videos, or use the ones that are already created on the website.

8.1. Playposit- Web tool used to create interactive videos for students in which teachers embed quiz questions within the video.

9. PearDeck- An interactive slide presentation/

9.1. Prezi - Online presentation software with animations to help connect ideas.

10. Socrative- An interactive formative assessment tool with a variety of assessment options.

11. Go Formative- A student response system that tests formative assessment and allows feedback.

12. Edmodo - Resource for students to collaborate with others in their class and organize information.

13. Kahoot!- game-based learning program that makes it fun to learn any subject, available on any device