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My House by Mind Map: My House

1. UAEM ZUMPANGO (Ten minutes at my house)

2. ZUMPANGO CENTER ( Half hour to UAEM)

3. The Living Room

3.1. *Televison on a base *Ornaments near the tv *Photos in the wall *Clock over the photos * Table in front of the tv * vase on the table * Carpet under the table * Sofas opposite the table and tv * Sound System behind the tv * Windows behind the sofas * Door next to the windows

4. BedRooms (3 rooms)

4.1. * Bed between comfortables * lamp on the Confortable * Lamp on the ceiling *Closet ( in: clothes) near the bed * bookcase( with tv) in front of the bed *Poster and photos on the walls. * Clock next to the lamp of comfortable ( left) * box of teddies

5. Garden

5.1. * 2 pets * Plants * Grass * pet's house * birdcage ( inside 4 birds)

6. Garage

6.1. *Father's Van * Tools

7. bathrooms (3)

7.1. *shower next to the hadshower. * Toilet between shower and hadwasher *shelf (on: soap,shampoo etc) near the shower * laundry basket * bin under the hadwasher

8. Kitchen

8.1. *Dinning Room in front of the stove * Stove between Fridge and sink * piece of furniture (in: food and oil bottles etc) over the stove,fridge and sink * kitchen cabinet( in: plates, glasses, pots, cups,etc...) Next to the dinning room * window opposite the dinning room

9. Laundry Room

9.1. * washine mashine * Shelf ( on: bar soaps, soap powder and bottles of cloth softener . *clothes line * box of clothespins