CRM Requirements

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CRM Requirements by Mind Map: CRM Requirements

1. Desired Functionality

1.1. Email intergration

1.2. Email campaings

1.3. iPhone intergration

2. Prospects

2.1. Distinguish between accounts, leads and prospects

2.2. Add new contact to an existing account and have account details carry over to new contact

3. Deals

3.1. Need to be able to associate contacts with each deal, case or opportunity

3.2. Track activity on each deal

3.3. Attach email and docs to deals

3.4. Quoting is nice but not essential

3.5. Reporting on note categories so that I know how many face-to-face meeting, and how many calls it took to close deal

4. Leads

4.1. Needs to be easy to add and track leads

4.2. Would like to be able to add leads from iPhone contacts

5. CRM Experience


5.1.1. Good but too expensive

5.1.2. Requires lots of expensive customization


5.2.1. Like the straight forward simple approch

5.2.2. Did not help create sales pipeline


5.3.1. Syncing with Google Apps is very helpful

5.3.2. Goals is a very nice feature to make sure I am hitting my numbers

5.3.3. Simple interface forces me to hit a my numbers and not get side tracked playing with the features

5.4. Zoho CRM

5.4.1. Same features as Salesforce, but less expensive, Great!

5.4.2. Still takes too long to customize in order to create sales pipeline