My Personal Writing History

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My Personal Writing History by Mind Map: My Personal Writing History

1. My future in writing

1.1. Find new ways to make writing interesting

1.2. Encourage my students to be creative in their writing.

1.3. Create a blog for about my future classroom.

1.4. Build a connection between reading and writing to help my students improve in both areas.

2. My writing past

2.1. In school the writing taks was hard for me and I didn't do very well.

2.2. Made my first 4 on a writing prompt in Mrs. Martinez's 4th grade class.

2.3. My Comp. 1 and 2 professor made writing fun and helped me become a better writer.

2.4. In my Comp. 1 class I made my first A on a paper.

3. My writing present

3.1. I love to journal.

3.2. I love taking notes during sermons.

3.3. I love writing encouraging letters and notes to my close friends and family.

3.4. I am an organizational freak : I love making to-do lists and checking off things when they are complete.

3.5. Lists make my heart happy! Grocery store and running errands = list time!

4. Characteristics of writing

4.1. Good writing when the story-line is enticing.

4.2. I am a good grammar and punctuation freak.

4.3. Be creative in your writing.

4.4. Conciseness and having sentence variety.