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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. I though technology was...

1.1. My first understanding of technology is that it is an application of science that makes our life easier when we need to finish a task. Some of the tasks may be connecting with friends and/or working on projects.

2. what i think now and what i learned

2.1. My understanding and definition of technology didn't change a lot because as i said before my first understanding of technology were application of science that helps people in everyday life.

2.2. Technology is a really important factor in society without technology most careers and tasks are hard to finish. Technology is also an important factor because it makes people connect with each other and know what is happening around them, if there is no technology most people won't be able to connect with each other and other won't be able to know what is happening around them.

2.3. there are no "unhelpful" technology nowadays because each technology that is invented have different purposes.

3. Technology as hardware

3.1. A type of technology that is naturally created by humans not created by god technology could be a clock, a shovel, a laptop, a belt, a thermometer, a can of root beer, a canteen, a tank, or a fake duck decoy. (Dyer, 2009)

4. Technology as manufacturing

4.1. This type of technology is the type that we hold in our pockets. Also things that are used to build up other things. "Technology as manufacturing includes not just about the vat holding the molten steel for our next car or the robot putting together our next computer, but also the entire process"(Dyer, 2009)

5. Technology as methodology

5.1. basically the routine or the plan to make up a product that can help humans. "This usage of technology does not refer to a physical product or even the physical machines used to make the product, but the routines, methods, and skills used to make modern hardware."(Dyer, 2009)

5.2. technology as social usage

5.2.1. how society use technology for various reasons such as calling and texting each other. "top level of how we as a society use technology."(Dyer, 2009)

6. reference

6.1. Dyer, V. (2009). Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times. Don't Eat The Fruit. Retrieved 18 September 2016, from