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Tissue basics by Mind Map: Tissue basics

1. Skeletal muscle, Cardiac muscles, Smooth muscle.

1.1. Muscle Tissue - Is specialized to contract and cause movement.

2. Epithelium

2.1. Epithelium tissue -One types of epithelium forms the outer layer of the skin.

2.1.1. Another type of epithelium lines the air sacs of the lungs.

3. Connective Tissue

3.1. Connective Tissue - Connective tissue protects ,supports , and  binds  other body tissues.

3.1.1. Examples of connective tissue -Bone, Cartilage, Adipose tissue (Fat) ,Blood

4. Muscle Tissue

5. Nervous Tissue

5.1. Nervous tissue is composed of specialized cells called neurons that receive and send electric signals in the body.

5.1.1. Nervous tissue responds to stimuli and transmits impulses and together with supporting cells, makes up brain, spinal cord and nerves.