Quadratic and linear equations

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Quadratic and linear equations by Mind Map: Quadratic and linear equations

1. Both can be graphed.

2. Both these things are found often in real life.

3. y = mx + b is linear

4. f(x) = ax2 + bx + c is quadratic

5. A gaudratic equation has a set low point, known as the vertex.

6. a linear equation goes on forever in both directions, meaning there can be no set low point, as the low point would be  infinity.

7. A linear equation can be found within a quadratic, between any two points.

8. An example where the data is quadratic: A basball that is hit into the air.

9. An example where the data is linear: The world population.

10. A quadratic equation sometimes does not ALWAYS have a visible  Y intercept, while a linear equation has a y intercept all the time.

11. Linear = line

12. Quadratic = Parabola

13. https://animoto.com/play/PvrEPR74vInk5KmUfWL4RQ