Quadratic and linear equations

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Quadratic and linear equations by Mind Map: Quadratic and linear equations

1. Both these things are found often in real life.

2. f(x) = ax2 + bx + c is quadratic

3. A gaudratic equation has a set low point, known as the vertex.

4. a linear equation goes on forever in both directions, meaning there can be no set low point, as the low point would be  infinity.

5. An example where the data is quadratic: A basball that is hit into the air.

6. Quadratic = Parabola

7. Both can be graphed.

8. y = mx + b is linear

9. A linear equation can be found within a quadratic, between any two points.

10. An example where the data is linear: The world population.

11. A quadratic equation sometimes does not ALWAYS have a visible  Y intercept, while a linear equation has a y intercept all the time.

12. Linear = line

13. https://animoto.com/play/PvrEPR74vInk5KmUfWL4RQ