Rachel Platten

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Rachel Platten by Mind Map: Rachel Platten

1. The music video had a lot of success after the release of the single, reaching 223,044,773 views.

2. Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music, was founded in 1887 distributing music, making it the oldest record company in the U.S. This includes Adele, Beyonce, Calvin Harris, One Direction, Celine Dion and Daft Punk.

3. Fight Song was released as the first single released on the 19th of May 2015 from her album Wildfire, which was later released on the 1st on January 2016.

4. Another record label involved in the album's release is RCA Records, also owned by Sony Music. They work with artists within a number of genres, such as Pop, Jazz, Rock and Hip-Hop.

5. Rock Ridge Music is an indépendant record company, working with the distribution of albums since 2004. They are involved in the release of physical albums, digital music and merchandise.

6. Rachel Platten signed to Columbia Records, Rock Ridge Music and RCA Records to release her first album Wildfire, featuring her hit single Fight Song.