Absolute Monarchy (Despotic Monarchy)

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Absolute Monarchy (Despotic Monarchy) by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchy (Despotic Monarchy)

1. First Kings of the Bourbon Dynasty (French absolutism)

1.1. Henry IV

1.1.1. King Henry of Navarre before 1589

1.1.2. Intended to rebuild the power of the Kings

1.1.3. Befriended the Catholics by surrendering his religion

1.1.4. Pleased his subjects

1.1.5. Avoided foreign wars/struggles

1.1.6. Allowed protestants to practice in the Edict of Nantes (1598)

1.1.7. Bought loyalty of other Royalty

1.1.8. Boosted the French economy by building French industry

1.1.9. Assassinated in 1610

1.2. Louis XIII

1.2.1. 9 year old son of Henry IV

1.2.2. Appointed Cardinal Richelieu as his chief minister Wanted Monarchy to be the strongest in France Wanted France to be the strongest in the world

1.2.3. Richelieu defeated a Huguenot rebellion Edict of Grace (1629) - seized Huguenot's political liberties

1.2.4. Had high taxes to pay for extravagances

1.2.5. Louis XIII died in 1643 leaving the throne to 4 year old Louis XIV

1.3. Louis XIV

1.3.1. Wanted to be the most famous ruler

1.3.2. Cardinal Mazarin ruled in Louis XIV's stead

1.3.3. Didn't end the high taxes

2. House of Romanov (1613-1725) (Russian absolutism)

2.1. Michael I

2.1.1. Founded the Romanov Dynasty

2.2. Alexis I

2.2.1. Morozov's pursued a peaceful foreign policy

2.2.2. Regarded as a corrupt self-seeking 17th-century boyar

2.2.3. Accused of witchcraft and sorcery

2.3. Ivan V

2.3.1. Crowned double-tsar with Peter

2.3.2. Died in 1698

2.3.3. Enjoyed extravagence

2.4. Peter I

2.4.1. Known as "Peter the Great"

2.4.2. Co-ruler with Ivan V

2.4.3. Build Russian infrastructure

2.4.4. Developed Russian industry to boost the economy