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Opera 2011 by Mind Map: Opera 2011

1. where would these characters be together?

1.1. School

1.1.1. Teen drama New node

1.1.2. Music students Glee

1.2. Reality TV

1.2.1. Game show 2 teams competing every man for himself

1.2.2. Competition singing Australia's Got Talent X Factor Treasure Hunt Amazing Race what are they looking for?

1.3. Specialist activity

1.3.1. music

1.3.2. sport

1.3.3. fan club

1.3.4. cadets/scouts rival units Westside Story

1.4. Family occasion

1.4.1. Family dynamics

1.4.2. Christmas

1.4.3. Holiday Overseas Country Beach Road trip

1.4.4. Wedding

2. what could be the complication?

2.1. Two sides (even teams)

2.1.1. Those who want change vs those who don't debate - will change be for the better

2.1.2. right vs wrong opression singers vs non-singers

2.2. Small group vs majority

2.2.1. underdog vs majority minority wanting a place to go